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Sail Away In Your Retirement Vehicle With Precious Metals

Silver IRAs in a self directed ira portfolio help gain 100% access for investors to have physical silver in their account that they choose

Having an IRA with physical silver is as easy as having physical gold in their IRAs. Most upper echelons in the financial world believe that having physical silver in their basket may potentially have a better upside than physical gold.

  • 100% access of your retirement portfolios.
  • History has shown silver is a profitable investment type.
  • Protecting your account with a hedge against the American dollar.
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Market volatility and uncertainty is growing as we speak during a downward economy

Usually IRA investors typically goes towards a self directed IRA position. Most investors nowadays do not know the benefits and features of what a remarkable retirement vehicle this can be, especially with physical assets such as precious metals.

Fast To Complete

Our professionals will help guide you throughout the steps of funding your previous retirement portfolios into a current retirement portfolio that can be backed by a precious metals IRA.

Safety & Security

Having a traditional IRA, can be held to the American currency system. In theory, if the value of the dollar goes down in principal, so could possibly the value of your IRA.

Creating A Hedge Against The Stock Market

Physical Gold and Silver can help go around the traditional currency world and enter a safe investment environment for you and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding A Self Directed IRA

Self-Directed IRAs are retirement vehicles that give account investors 100% control to invest and save money how they desire. Most IRAs, which are restricted to debt-based investments such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds through an entity – such as Nationwide, T Rowe Price or Merill Edge – Self-Directed IRAs put you in the driver seat and allows complete access of your life savings with guidance from a staff of professionals. Helping you having an edge of being truly diversified of all approved assets, in addition to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Features & Benefits Of A Self Directed IRA

Transferring over to a SDIRA is a 100% tax-free event. Self-Directed IRAs allow for complete ownership of investments. Referring to FINRA, typically brokerages that offer standard retirement accounts and brokerage accounts have certificates for investor’s assets in their own account as the sole owner. Therefore, it is likely that you potentially are not the registered owner of the stocks, bonds and mutual funds at your institution of choice. This is called, “street name” registration, which may mean you are ‘out of luck’ in a market that isn’t liquid. Therefore, having a Self-Directed IRA can help go around this scenario and provide complete control and access of your investments.

Why Don’t Institutions Offer Self Directed IRAs?

Usually, financial entities prefer client’s investments under their basket of an IRA to entice investors to the products they offer. With more control, means more money back in the financial system’s pocket. So if accounts that give freedom of control and access back to the investor that potentially would strip away from the profit margin of the financial institutions. So in theory, this could be why many traditional brokerages do not offer alternative asset for their current or future client’s.

Investments In Self Directed IRAs

Self-Directed IRAs offer a much wider choice of investment options than a traditional brokerage-only IRA provides. Other than just stocks, bonds and mutual funds, you have the ability to invest in all IRS approved asset classes. This includes Real Estate, Private Equity, FDIC Insured Bank Accounts, Water, Land, Mobile Homes, Cryptocurrency as well as physical gold and silver.

Precious Metals Is The Most Secure Option

Gold and silver, have been precious to every society since the start of time. Gold and silver are are accepted everywhere in the world and someone is always willing to use them in trade or a form of payment. It is to be said, gold and silver are fully liquid assets. Gold and silver can be insured up to a billion dollars inside your IRA from the Lloyd’s of London. The Bank for International Settlements, understands precious metals as, “the core capital held in a bank’s reserves” and has given precious metals a “0% risk weight.” In other words, gold and silver are the only assets that do not carry third party and counter-party risk.

Completing A Self Directed IRA

The 3 steps steps to begin a Self-Directed IRA is easy. Freedom Shield Capital professionals will help formulate a gameplan to execute your financial goals and dreams to make become reality. We have establish great working partnerships with our custodial and clients as a turnout of core belief, value and hard work. We believe doing things the right way, the first time for a long time. Our experienced professionals and IRA department are dedicated to help make the transition conducive for you and your needs. Contact us for a consultation with a professional account representative.

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