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People think that the easiest way to grow their wealth is through the stock market. While that can be a useful way to do that, it is also an incredibly volatile way to grow your wealth as the stock market fluctuates.

What many people don’t realize is that there are ways outside of the day to day stock market that can help grow your wealth. This is where Freedom Shield Capital comes in. 

They are a wealth preservation firm in Los Angeles, California that specializes in alternative assets typically outside the stock market. They help clients roll over their investments from custodians and invest in safe haven assets that typically have small down turns risks compared to the stock market.

Freedom Shield Capital prides themselves on never giving up on any of their clients. For them, their metric of success is the success of the people that they help day in and day out. This helps separate them out from others in the business who are looking to swindle people out of their money. They do this by charging only a one time service fee rather than a commission fee. Additionally, their employees have a diverse set of backgrounds covering everything from marketing to finance to personal skills giving them the tri-factor that many other firms lack.

Currently, Freedom Shield Capitol is the fastest growing wealth preservation firmin the United states as of 2022. They are also a part of the American Numismatic association and PCGS with the goal to become a hedge fund eventually. Freedom Shield Capital was created by like minded conservatives . Freedom Shield Capital were inspired to begin its journey to create the company after they saw families struggling financially due to the fall out of the 2008 recession. FSC wants to ensure that no one else struggles in the same way families did in 2008.

Freedom Shield Capital has not only been able to change other people’s lives, but was even able to help families recuperate her own wealth. “What motivated FSC was helping clients protect their life savings from huge risk in the stock market. Mothers lost almost everything in 2008 and with the help of our expertise we were able to get back what many lost and then some. It’s fun making people money and having to look at the financial terminals everyday. We want to work for the people and help their portfolios grow.”

FSC details

Freedom Shield Capital has many exciting prospects for the future in addition to trying to move towards a hedge fund. They are going to keep growing and continue working to help people. To find out more about Freedom Shield Capital, follow them on facebook @FreedomShieldCapital

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